About Torrens Valley Children’s Centre

Torrens Valley Children’s offers families both childcare services (50 weeks) and DECD kindergarten sessions, including before and after Kindy care, as well as a Playgroup program. We provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment and are committed to developing strong partnerships with both our families and wider community. We have a centre wide focus on creating natural play spaces and strive to use natural, recycled and sustainable resources and materials. For more information please see our Philosophy Statement.

The Centre is managed by the Governing Council, which consists of both parents and staff.


Children are entitled to 15 hours of preschool (kindy) per week for one year, prior to starting school. When they begin preschool is dependent on their date of birth. We have one intake per year. If your child’s 4th birthday falls on or before 30th April, they will start kindy in term 1 of that year. If their 4th birthday is May 1st or later in that year, they will begin preschool the following year.

To best suit the needs of our community our 15 hours per week entitlement is spread over the year using a 12/18 model of attendance. This looks like:

Term’s 1 & 2 – 2 full days on Tuesday & Wednesday 9.00am – 3.00pm

Term’s 3 & 4 – 3 full days on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9.00am – 3.00pm

Children of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and Children under the Guardianship of the Minister are eligible to attend full time (12 hours per week) Kindergarten from their 3rd birthday. Universal access (15 hours per week) will be offered in their eligible year prior to starting school.

Kindy families are encouraged to participate in the pre-entry (transition) program in term 4, prior to their child starting full-time Kindy at the start of the following year. Pre-entry is an important first step towards building strong relationships with children and partnerships with families. Developing a sense of belonging is paramount to developing wellbeing and learning. This program generally runs in latter weeks of term 4. Dates and times will be confirmed during parent information sessions held early in term 3. Please contact the centre for more information on times and dates.

Kindergarten Costs

Preschool/Kindergarten costs are currently $160.00 per term plus a $10.00 materials & Services Levy (in lieu of fundraising).

Pre-entry Costs

Pre-entry costs are $50.00 for the term plus a one-off $10.00 contribution towards their Portfolio.

Please refer to the Childcare fees section for information on Before & After Kindy Care fees.


Childcare Services

Childcare Services are provided from 7am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the year.

Morning Sessions:
7.00am – 12.45pm

Afternoon Sessions:
12.45pm – 6.30pm

Day Sessions:
7.00am – 6.30pm

Before and After Kindergarten Care

What to bring to Childcare
Children Under Two
  • Named baby bag
  • Bring your children in a disposable nappy with one extra nappy for the child to go home in
  • Change of clothes (all named please)
  • Milk bottles
  • Hat (see Sun Smart Policy)
  • Nutritional lunch and snack in named lunch box (please see staff for ideas)
  • Fruit (for shared morning fruit)
  • Dummy
  • Comforter item
Children Over Two
  • Named bag
  • Bring your children in a disposable nappy with one extra nappy for the child to go home in (if still in nappies)
  • If child is toilet training, 8 – 10 spare sets of underwear and several spare sets of shorts/skirts/trousers etc.
  • Change of clothes (all named please)
  • Hat (Legionnaire’s or Broadbrim)
  • Nutritional lunch in named lunch box
  • Fruit (for shared morning fruit)
  • Snacks

We ask that children’s personal items
ie: toys are NOT brought to child care – except if it is a comforter.

Childcare Fees

Child Care fees are determined by the Management Committee (instead of Governing Council) and are subject to change.

Child Care fees currently are:
  • $432.50 per week (full time care)
  • $86.50 per day
  • $51.00 per session (Morning Session)
  • $45 per session (Afternoon Session, including After Kindy Care)
  • $12.50 Before Kindergarten Care 7.00am till 9.00am
  • $12.00 After Pre entry/Kindy Morning Session care till 12.45pm
  • $2.50 per day Nappy Charge for children in full time nappies – $1.25 per half day (non-subsidised)
  • $1.00 per week per family for Materials and Services Levy (non subsidised)

The minimum charge for child care is one session.

More about Childcare Fees

The minimum charge for childcare is one session. If care continues into a second session, an additional full session fee will be charged, ie a DAY FEE.

Pre Kindergarten care will be an hourly charge, the minimum charge being for one hour. The charge for post kindergarten care is one session.

Fees will be billed weekly in arrears and all accounts must be brought to a nil balance each week. Payment may be made by cheque or cash and placed in an envelope clearly marked with the name of child and amount enclosed. This envelope can be placed in the payment box located in the front office. Fees can also be paid electronically. Please contact us for details.

A holding cost of 50% will be charged for holidays or other absences provided families give 1 weeks notice.

A late pick-up fee will be charged if a parent fails to collect their child before the end of the session time (6.30pm). A penalty will be imposed of $25.00 per 15 minute block until the child is collected (no child care benefit is payable on this cost).

For a morning session if a parent fails to collect their child before 12.45pm they will be changed for the afternoon session also (full day fee). Late pick up from the morning sessions can affect staffing and licensing requirements.


A very family oriented Playgroup, led by our amazing parent volunteer, Brooke Stephenson, runs every Friday Morning during school terms (excluding the last week of term).

The session is from 9.30am – 11.00am and is held in the Kindy room. The playgroup is for children and their families/caregivers/extended families’ birth to school age.

Fees are $2.00 per family per week, plus Playgroup Insurance. First visit is free so come along or contact the centre for more information.

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